Taking this site down, pretty much.Time machine users: please remind my 10 year old self to not do things like this!


E-he-he-he, now I can track you down with my new Histats Counter!

It's near the share buttons on the homepage, and I placed another on the hidden secret page on the site to see how many people who can find it!


wUUUUUUh? I temporarily could NOT access the Forums...


It's finally Febuary.

I added the Cbox chatroom to my site,

Check out the side of the YouTube video on the homepage.

If you didn't notice already there's a comment device lying just under the Play The Original page.

I added that a couple of days ago.


I have added a handy Index so you can easily find various variations of the game. Enjoy!

(this also helps to clean up the top menu)


Unfortunately, updates will be less often, I'm too distracted by non-CLRZ things.

But that dosen't mean I'm scrapping this website!

If you can't play Coloraze please go to the "I can't play the game" section in the Forums.


Did anyone notice the change of font?

Huh? It looks the way it should (pixelated) in the Yola editor, but when I view the website itself it comes out as some classic font.

Eh? It fixed itself...

Also, has anyone found the top secret page in this site?

Click on a random full stop below. Choose the right one!


Happy Birthday to meeeee!

OK its a shame you cant play the hacked version ill try fix that :/

Coloraze Search also finished; http://www.goglogo.com/s.asp?lo=Coloraze



When you translate, this is when you see "discolored".


Small bug.

When you mouseover a menu link, where it should say "Coloraze", it sometimes says "discolored".

Soon to be fixed .


Coloraze Google Search!

Click here to give it a try.

Also, 1 week till my birthday.

New Coloraze also added!

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