This help page was designed for the Coloraze maze game.

If you're looking for help for the Coloraze platform editor please click here.


 This is the wheel. You control this with the arrow keys. The game would be pretty lame without it, eh?

This is a  wall. You may not pass through them.

This is a decisive door. They open and close from time to time.

A Iock (left) and key (right). Find a key to open the lock.

Left, movable block, right, hole. The holes act like walls until you push a movable block into it.

Scrabbling wall. Crazy moving wall.


This is a spike. Deadly to the touch, too.

This is a tricky spike. Not only do they kill on impact, but they also move towards you.

This is an "eejit" spike. Even though they are unpleasant to touch, they have very random movements, and so are easy to avoid.

This is a Pacman spike. They got their name because their movements represent the movements of the ghosts in Pacman.

Left: Fan, right, button. ʏou will get sliced to pieces by the fan if you don't stop it by using the button first.

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